We were excited to get Dave Mustaine to join us on the show and even in hindsight we appreciate Dave's time. You will hear it though, it got a little awkward.

Everyone isn't for everyone. Fact is, if Ethan, Dave Mustaine and I worked together at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Dave would not be invited to lunch with us.

He did not want to talk about Metallica and was a little short about it. While we can probably all understand HIS position on that, that chapter of his life is one of the more interesting ones to anyone who is not named Dave Mustaine.

I get that it happened a long time ago and he's answered it many times. Do you think it's possible one of our listeners did not happen to catch your thoughts on the matter? Or maybe it's possible they do know how you feel about being fired by Metallica but because they are fans of Megadeath and the radio show, they wanted to hear us ask the question?

My point is, I'm not a fan of dudes who change the whole tone of things when you ask them a question about their life. It's an interview and that's the actual point of what we are doing here.

If I am being fair, it never took off, it didn't turn at the Metallica moment. It was just awkward. Dave's out on tour with Experience Hendrix. Go see the shows, I hear they are great. If you run into him backstage, avoid the topic of Metallica.

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