A specialty European/Mediterranean/Balkan grocery store, which has been operating out of Rocky Hill since 2017, has just opened up a second location on East Main Street in Waterbury.

Euro Grocery, which sells Romanian, Turkish, Serbian, Albanian, Greek, Bosnian, and more, imported specialty food products, opened up their doors in the Shoppes at 3670 E, Main St. They're located in the space between TC's and Asian Garden, which was formerly occupied by Sweet Molly's.

Euro Grocery is going to sell a little bit of everything in their main market, including: Olives, Spices, Candy, Canned Foods, Honey, Juices, Jams, Sea Produces, Tea, Cheeses, Organic Products, Nuts and Snacks, Frozen Meats, Deli Meats, Cereal, Bread, Pasta, Soups, and Desserts.

Where Euro Grocery will stand out from your local supermarket, though, is their selection of authentic Greek, Albanian, Romanian, and Balkan/Mediterranean products. If you've been disappointed with the stank Feta selection at your local supermarket, Euro Grocery stocks more than 20 different varieties for you to choose from. If you're looking for delicate Filo, or authentic Burek, they have them in stock.

This will be a pretty nice options for shoppers in the east end of Waterbury, it's not too far away from the giants of Costco and Restaurant Depot, and it will save a trip down East Main Street and across 84 to get to the Stop & Shop for a lot of people that live in the neighborhoods near Crosby and behind Blackie's. Euro Grocery is going to be open every day from 9AM to 8PM. Good luck Euro Grocery, I can't wait to check you out the next time Mrs. Large and I go to your neighbor, my beloved Tiramisu.

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