McDonald's has discovered a new way to enjoy your favorite burger.

Can't get enough of the delicious Quarter Pounder? Now you're able to enjoy this mouth-watering all-beef 510 calorie burger topped with slivered onions, tangy pickles, and two slices of melted cheese without worrying about putting on any unwanted pounds.

Introducing the 'Quarter Pounder Candle Pack' which is made up of six different scented candles that when burned together, smells like a McDonald's Quarter Pounder With Cheese according to the website

McDonald's To Use Fresh Meat In Its Quarter Pounders
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You may be asking, what are those unique aromas that imitate the essence o' quarter pounder with cheese? Each candle smells like one of the six that when combined makes up the burger. They are the fragrances of, '100% Pure Ground Beef,' 'Cheese,' 'Ketchup,' 'Pickle,' 'Onion,' and 'Bun.'  

McDonald's wants you to know that each candle can be lit individually but the product description recommends burning them all at the same time "for maximum deliciousness."

If you can't wait another minute to enjoy the succulent bouquet of aromas that merge together to make up a McDonald's Quarter Pounder With Cheese, navigate immediately to





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