I read in the NewsTimes that Danbury's Mayor, Mark Boughton, is hitting road blocks from CT lawmakers in his effort to get Danbury residents cheaper high-speed internet.

I live in Danbury and would love cheaper internet, so I decided to ask Mayor Mark about it. His proposal would get Danbury residents internet service for $15 a month if he can get 85% of the residents to go for it. Unfortuately, the state, for its part, has held him up.

Now, Senator Richard Blumenthal, in an effort to help, is taking the city's plan to Wahington D.C. He wants to get the federal government to pass a bill that prevents states from blocking this type of internet initiative. Here's what Mayor Mark Boughton had to say:

$15 a month? Let's roll baby!

I need my programs and I need them cheaper. The only way I could enjoy streaming Dr. Phil more than I already do would be watching it and knowing I am getting it for next to nothing. The next time I hear Phil say, "Women have a long memory," or "Necessity is the mother of invention," I will hear it knowing that I am in the depths of savings.

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