An immense amount of planning went into turning the Danbury Fair into a vaccination site in Danbury. We learned about the details of the plan from Mayor Joe Cavo when he joined the Ethan and Lou Show on Thursday. Cavo had this to say:

(NOTE: During the interview we mention the site opening "today." The interview took place on 3/4/21) 

"I have to tell you a tremendous amount of work went into this to make this happen over the last month or so. The proposal came forward, we presented forward with NUVANCE Health, with Dr. Murphy from NUVANCE Health, our health department, our emergency management director, my staff in this office, our health department here in Danbury, CHC, officers out of the office of the Governor, officers out of the Department of Health, FEMA, Region 5 district members, there were so many people involved in this collaborative effort.

It's really one of the great things that just pulls you right into this everyday and it makes you just want to work harder because you get together and you could be miles apart on these things and to be able to get everybody to come together and keep nipping away at what are the issues, what are the problems?

Danbury Fair has been just a great partner in this and so the effort by everybody, it's huge and it was just great to see everybody come together to get all the problems resolved. To the point where, today at noon, the first person at this site will get their injection and you know, we'll move to, we'll start out around 600 doses a day with the eventual hope that we're going to be able to do a thousand doses a day out of that site, possibly seven days a week."

Later we asked the Mayor which vaccinations would be used at the Danbury Fair location, he had this to say:

"OK, so they are starting out with Moderna, that's what they'll be doing for the next several days. That's a two shot system, same as Pfizer. The Moderna is 28 days between inoculations, the Pfizer is three weeks between inoculations, plus or minus two days. And then, the new arrival on the scene, Johnson & Johnson will be a one shot vaccine."

When asked if the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be available at the Danbury Fair site, Cavo said:

"You know it may, it's hard to say because none of us really have control over how the vaccines come down to us. So, I know that CHC, the company that's running this mass vax site at the mall, just received last week 15,000 doses of Moderna."

The Mayor did make clear that you must have an appointment to get vaccinated. You can get an appointment and find out if you qualify to receive that vaccine by calling 877-918-2224 

Danbury Mall vaccine segment with Mayor Joe Cavo below

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