Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo told the Ethan and Lou Show Thursday, Danbury Officials would like to put a hold on the idea of retail marijuana sales in the city.

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Cavo joined the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on Thursday (7/8/21), in his regular weekly spot and discussed the matter of retail weed sales in the Hat City, saying:

"What we want to do is, I believe that you're going to see retail sales here in Danbury. I don't think that is not going to be an option for us. As the city in this Greater-Danbury area, I know a lot of local towns are opting out and so, there is a lot of concerns and a lot of discussion going on about retail marijuana.

All we want to do is just take a step back, I mean we are not eligible to sell it in retail form anyway until next year. What we want to do is, we want to be able to just stop applications from coming in for retail sales until we get a chance to create and develop a plan of how we'd like to see that happen here in the City of Danbury and how we use best practices in order to, you know, establish retail sales here in the City of Danbury.

So, we're just asking for a moratorium on taking in applications for retail sites just so that we can, all of our departments can work on, what the best practices would be as we move forward."

He continued by saying, "It certainly looks like the City will eventually allow retail sales of recreational marijuana but the Mayor and his people would like to push the decision down the road a bit to develop a plan that works."

We asked Mayor Cavo if they have already received applications and where they would go and he replied:

"I'm not entirely sure if we've received any applications to this point but we want to just make sure that we can just slow the process down until we can get a handle on the 300 page bill that came out regarding recreational marijuana."

To hear the rest of our conversation about weed sales in Danbury, specifically application costs you can click on the video at the top of the page. We also discuss the recent mini-boom of businesses opening in the Downtown area of the city.

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