Matt Knickerbocker has been the Bethel First Selectman for well over a decade, and now he's stepping aside to take a position in Wilton, CT.

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Knickerbocker spoke to our friend Al Robinson of Hat City Blog on Thursday morning (8/18/22). Robinson sent me audio of the 9 minute discussion right after he was finished so we can share it with the Ethan and Lou audience that morning. This is some of what he had to say:

"Yes it's true, I am, as of September 7th, I'm going to be the former First Selectman of the great Town of Bethel. And, I'm going to be remaining in public service, in fact, I'm going to remain in municipal management, I'm just going to be doing it for a different town. I'm going to be the Town Administrator for the Town of Wilton, CT. And, this is a management role I've prepared myself for, for many years and of course I got to practice it here. But, this is an opportunity to stay in public service but get out of the political election cycle and the constant need to campaign, and raise money and all that stuff."

You can listen to the entire interview coming soon, for now you can hear the quote below. I even provided a theory as to why Knickerbocker is stepping away. Sure, he told us why he wanted to get out of the First Selectman's office, but his reasoning was not quite as interesting as the theory I provided. My theory involves secret bunkers and can best be compared to when Pete Carroll left USC to avoid NCAA sanctions.

At least my theory would explain the "Bethel Booms." The "Booms" are a sound phenomena that Bethel residents have been reporting for years. We also spoke about the issue very early in the morning on Thursday. The following clip was from before we received audio from Al Robinson.

We have asked Knickerbocker for comment on the "Bethel Booms" but have not heard back.

P.S. I'm allowed to present theories, you're allowed to hate them.

P.S. #2 - I like Matt Knickerbocker, nice guy who has always been cool with the Ethan and Lou Show, just have not heard from him in awhile.

P.S. #3 - We did reach out to Knickerbocker for comment on the Bethel Booms on July 25, 2022 and to answer my theories on August 18, 2022, we did not hear back either time.

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