How many pies could you make with a one-ton pumpkin?

It's official, we have a new winner for the largest pumpkin ever grown in the great state of Connecticut. Ladies and gentlemen the most massive pumpkin that was grown in Pomfret, Connecticut, let's give it up for Alex Noel and his great gourd weighing in at 2,295.5 pounds!

Noel's gargantuan gourd could crush the 2016 Chevrolet Spark that weighs in at only 2,246 pounds. A story on the website reports that the record-setting pumpkin has been transported to Foxwoods Resort Casino where it will be on display. The casino has even hired the pumpkin its own security guard to make sure the public doesn't touch or climb on this 2,295-pound beauty.

Noel will take home $8,000 for the award-winning prize pumpkin that he entered in the All New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh-In. The largest pumpkin ever grown in New England was from New Hampshire and weighed in at 2,500 pounds. The Guinness World Record-holder was grown in Belgium and tipped the scales at 2,624 pounds.

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