From what I can gather, a man from Somerville, Massachusetts must have been watching The Blues Brothers repeatedly recently, because he was inspired for some reason to deliberately drive his vehicle into a Hobby Lobby store, knocking over fixtures, shattering glass and then trying to drive away.

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The scene unfolded early Tuesday morning, February 2 around 5 AM in South Attleboro, Mass, which is located right outside of the Providence, RI area. According to, a worker was out spreading sale when he saw Rick Woodruff, 36, of Somerville, Mass (Outside of Boston), doing donuts in his vehicle in the huge Bristol Plaza parking lot. Then, the alleged driver suddenly accelerated straight towards the entrance of the Hobby Lobby.

According to the report, the witness saw Woodruff strike the glass front door, then he backed up and drove his vehicle inside the Hobby Lobby. At 5AM, the store luckily was not open, and no one was inside either. Woodruff took a quick spin through the store, knocking over displays, and in the process, knocked off the front license plate of his vehicle, before taking off. Responding police officers found Woodruff in his heavily-damaged vehicle nearby, with no front license plate. Woodruff was taken into custody, and was later taken to a hospital for evaluation. Woodruff faces numerous charges, including Malicious Destruction of Property.

I've been home watching a ton of television during quarantine and the pandemic, and I just can't help but think of the scene in the Blues Brothers where Jake and Elwood elude the police by taking a joyride through a local mall, I wonder if Woodruff muttered "This place has everything" as he drove through the front entrance?

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