Mark Wahlberg is the star of movies like Perfect Storm (underrated film), Patriots Day and Boogie Nights. Mark will now bring his talents to Trumbull, CT for a visit to his family's chain restaurant, Wahlburgers.

The restaurant's Facebook page says Mark's appearance will be tomorrow, June 20, at the Wahlburgers in the Westfield Mall from 5:30 pm-7:00 pm. The Trumbull location of is the only one in Connecticut among 26 others internationally. The restaurant is also the backdrop for a reality show starring Mark, his brother Donnie and brother Paul who co-own the restaurants.

Questions I have:

  • How many fans will Mark be able to greet in 1 and 1/2 hours?
  • Do you think Mark is the kind of celebrity who charges for an autograph?
  • If I want to take a picture with Mark, do I also have to let Donnie and Paul be in the shot?
  • Will the Funky Bunch be there?
  • What have the Funky Bunch been up to?
  • Why didn't bench-pressing cinder blocks catch on?

I fear I'll never get satisfactory answers to these questions.

I took an unfair shot at Donnie Wahlburg just before and that wasn't right. I'm actually a NKOTB fan. Favorite New Kids on the Block Song? "Hangin' Tough," of course, 'cause I'm a tough guy.

Also I don't know why I brought up the "Funky Bunch." I know Mark doesn't like it and I like Mark. Maybe I am projecting -- everyone has to get their start somewhere. That was a big hit, who the hell am I? I have no hits. "Mow the Lawn" charted in Australia but that's nothing to brag about.

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