You may want dial up and "Say hi to your mother for me", especially if your mom grew up in the 1990's. One of her idols is going to be a celebrity guest bartender right here in Connecticut tonight.

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Mark Wahlberg is scheduled to appear tonight (Thursday, September 14, 2023) for a special celebrity bartending meet & greet at 7PM at the Truth Searcher Bar inside the brand-new Pequot Woodlands Casino inside Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

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Why? Wahlberg will be there to promote Flecha Azul tequila, Wahlberg has been making the rounds promoting the booze that he now has an ownership stake in. Wahlberg has made appearances in Las Vegas, and the Hamptons recently, and now  Foxwoods. I'm sure Wahlberg will also be hanging around his other money-making opportunity inside Foxwoods - The brand-new Wahlburgers, which just opened up for business two days ago. In fact, Foxwoods has just posted on their site that the new Wahlburgers will be closed this evening from 2-8PM for a 'Private Event".

I've been a fan of his, I admit it, since the Funky Bunch days. I felt bad for him when he was the subject of Andy Samberg's stunning impersonation on SNL, but Samberg had Wahlberg's delivery down. I ate at the Wahlburgers in the Trumbull Mall before it shut down, they do make a good burger. There is only one Connecticut location now though, the brand-new Wahlburgers at Foxwoods.

Keep an eye on 395 Northbound to Dorchester after the event, the Wahlberg Dynasty has strong roots in that area.

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