Mark Boughton has been Mayor of the City of Danbury for nearly 20 years, the Ethan and Lou Show has been on the air for 13 years. Boughton has been a regular guest on the Ethan and Lou Show since the beginning.

He signed his resignation Wednesday (12/16/20) and turned the keys of the City Hall office to Joe Cavo. We brought Mark on the show, as Mayor for one final time Thursday morning (12/17/20) to reflect on his time in office and look back at our favorite moments with him on the show.

We shared some stories and I almost got him to tell me which of his political rivals he dislikes most.

We did a wide array of projects with Mark over the years and these are some of the more memorable ones.

A Look Back of Mayor Mark Boughton and i95 Through the Years

There are only a handful of people that are not named Ethan and Lou, that I consider vital to the success of the show, Mark Boughton is and was, one of those people. Thank you Mark for some great radio!

Here's some of the Mark Bougton memories we captured on video:

Camping for Cans 2019

Ethan and Lou 10 year Anniversary 

Mark marries Erica and I 

Lou steals Uncle Sam Thunder

Lou protests Mark's decision to leave City Hall

Mark on Election Day 

Here are some quick and hilarious segments with Mark Boughton on the Ethan and Lou Show:

Mark and Lou exercise together

Mark bequeathed land 

Mayor Mark on illegal massage parlors

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