I've heard a lot of stories about weirdo behavior in regards to a breakup. As a matter of fact, I've even got a story to tell, but, dude, leave the lawn alone please.

Break ups can be hard. Break ups are often ugly. Even I've played a little dirty at the end -- yeah, I'll share that with you later -- but this guy's move kind of takes the cake for silliness.

According to nbcconnecticut.com, the nutty went down recently in Orange, Connecticut. Police say 27-year-old Edward Buffington of Florida is accused of spinning doughnuts in the yard of his ex. Police say Buffington was upset over his ex's new relationship.

I guess nothing says pissed off quite like driving your vehicle onto a lawn. Doing donuts can be fun, so seemingly, he employed pleasure and pain. He posted bond, but is facing disorderly conduct, mischief and driving with a suspended license charges. Buffington is due back in court on January 13.

Here's my own brand of crazy. My story involves a lawn, but I think my vengeance was sweeter!

When I thought my boyfriend was cheating on me, I drove by his house a few times to catch him. Long story short, night after night, the same car was in his driveway. His parents LOVED me, so of course, I called them crying. The house he lived in was owned by his folks, and when I drove by the next day, there he was, standing on the lawn in his underwear, getting screamed at by both of them.

I'm not proud, but I sure was happy.

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