An early morning 911 call not only led to a murder charge for a local man, but police had to save his life right there at the scene.

According to the Connecticut State Police, 65-year-old Sherman resident, James Maharg, placed a 911 call in the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 20. Maharg explained to the dispatcher that an individual in the home had fallen and banged his head on a countertop.

State police rushed to the home at 99 Church Road and discovered an individual, who was deceased and has yet to be identified. After a brief investigation, police described there were "suspicious circumstances" involving the death. That's when things became even more complicated.

While the detectives were interviewing Maharg, he reportedly collapsed and began to "turn blue." While the detectives on the scene waited for an ambulance to arrive, they administered respiratory breaths and gave the suspect oxygen.

Maharg is still in the hospital and was arraigned beside on Friday (March 22). He has a set bond of $2,000,000.

In an official statement, the Connecticut State Police said, "The detectives who interviewed him, Detective Edmund Vayan and Detective Jared Barbero, along with Trooper Giancarlo Ardolino and several members of the Statewide Narcotic's Task Force, did an amazing job of saving this man’s life. Their ability to seamlessly go from interview mode to taking lifesaving measures and actively saving his life, is a true testament to what we as troopers do every day."

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