According to Luxury Travel Magazine Hurawalhi Resort is a destination for YOGIES everywhere. They have underwater yoga classes, wave meditation and snorkeling. BONUS, it's adults only.

Now I don't have a problem with yoga but I'm on vacation and I'M NOT DOIN' IT! I just wanna go in the underwater room and chill. I don't wanna stretch, I don't wanna sweat, I don't wanna meditate, keep it. I wanna go in that room, pop some bottles and stare at fish for a week.

I'm sorry for sharing this with you, I know it's grey out your window right now. I feel the same way you do, I won't be able to get that color blue outta my head. I will be there one day, it would be an incomplete life otherwise.

I'll need to be sitting on some cheddar, piles of cash because it runs about $1,000 a night. Book your stay here.

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