Baby, you can be a star. Movie making hits another Connecticut town. What stars are stopping by?

Christmas in August is what's taking place in New Britain, Connecticut right now. Seems that a love story is being filmed around town.

In a post from the Facebook page of the Mayor of New Britain, Erin Stewart, excitement has rolled into New Britain. The upcoming Lifetime movie, due to be titled, Christmas Hours, stars 90s pop-culture icons, Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart. The film is being shot mostly around New Britain and it centers around the two main characters, who both own competing toy stores, battling against a big box store.

Mayor Erin Stewart had some fun talking about it on her Facebook page:

According to the New Britain Herald, the Hartbreak Films that Stewart mentions is the production company by the mother/daughter team, Paula Hart and Melissa Joan Hart.

As movie crews are expected to be around town shooting in various locations with Lopez and Hart, New Britain, as well as other parts of Connecticut, have something to really boast about when the TV movie, Christmas Hours, airs. 

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