I was driving home last night from work through the center of Middlebury along Middlebury Road (Rt. 64), when I noticed that I needed to get some gas before this big blizzard hits us tonight.

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Over the past month or so, the Middlebury Fuel Mobil gas station, where my beloved Blarney Stone Pizza used to be, at 492 Middlebury Road, has had their gas pumps closed due to what looks like their underground tanks being replaced.

I noticed that the Alltown gas pumps were empty, so I pulled in. The Alltown is located at 504 Middlebury Road, right next door to the Mobil. As I pulled up to the pump, I noticed that the windows to Alltown were partially covered up, there were orange construction cones blocking off the parking spots in the front of the store, and a big dumpster was right in front too. I thought I was going to have to pull around to go to the Sunoco on the corner, but the Alltown gas pumps were still in operation. As my vehicle was fueling up, I walked up to the door, and snapped a photo of the note -

Photo by Large "2 Wn for Life's and this Slim Jim" Dave
Photo by Large "2 Win for Life's and this Slim Jim" Dave

The Alltown is undergoing a major interior remodel, this store has only been open for 3 years, it originally opened in January 2017. I took some photos of the interior then that I will show you later in this gallery of photos. The other takeaway from this sign is that this location will change from a 24 hour store, to only being open from 5AM to 11PM. Again, like the sign reiterates, only the convenience store portion of the Alltown is closed at the moment, the gas pumps are still running.

Photos From This Alltown in January 2017

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