Like most of the citizens of the United States, I'm a mutt. I have Italian, Polish, English, and Lithuanian ancestors. And also like most of us, I enjoy all different types of cuisine from my heritage. So, when I saw that the Lion's Club of Harwinton, Connecticut was holding their annual Pierogi fundraising sale this year, I drooled. What are Pierogi? They're dumplings made out of tender dough, and filled with savory or sweet ingredients. Typically they're boiled or pan-fried, covered in delicious butter, and served hot. Oh man, fresh-fried potato pierogies, covered in sour cream and butter are my favorites. If you've ever shopped at some of Connecticut's independent grocery stores, you may have seen Holy Pierogies. I get mine from LaBonne's typically, they're a locally made product, and they're very good.

You don't see Holy Pierogies in too many places, so, when I see their logo, it caught my attention. I saw it in an upcoming fundraiser for the Lions Club of Harwinton, who have teamed up to offer a variety of locally made products, including Holy Pierogies, at an upcoming covid-safe drive-thru event. The Lions Club has lined up products from Holy Pierogies (5 different varieties), B's Creations, A Healing Trail, Ridge Runner Soap Company, and Willy Pete's Chocolate Company. These products are on sale now through for pre-order this Friday, April 23, 2021, with a pick-up date of May 1, 2021, between 9AM and 2PM at the Harwinton Post Office parking lot, which is located on Rt. 118, next to the Dunkin'


The Lion's Club of Harwinton is also asking that when you come to pick up your order, to please bring a donation for the Harwinton Food Pantry.


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