My wife, Erica, has been hounding me to get her a six-foot sub since we found out she was pregnant.

Pregnancy does something to ladies emotionally that I can not describe. It definitely does something to their appetite and taste buds as well. She has been asking for a six foot sub for a while now. I started belly aching about this request on the Ethan and Lou Show, and then someone came to my rescue. The guys at Bucci Brother's Deli in Mahopac, NY called and said, "We got you."

Thanks so much to Bucci Brothers. They did not charge me, and ran over a delicious six-foot sub, just in time for Valentine's Day.


My wife walked in the house, saw the sub and her whole face changed. I have never seen her so happy. That scared me a little bit, honestly. I did, however learn, something.

When a woman tells you what she wants very specifically, just do what she is asking. They know what they want. Often times, we hear what they want, and try and read between the lines. We say, "She cannot mean that, she must want something else." It's not true. She just told you she wants a six foot sub. Now go get it.


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