Lost bracelet, now found! It was found on Bank Street in New Milford, CT outside the Barrister's Coffee House. This photo was taken by Steven Berryman of Joe's Salon as he was taking a quick coffee break and we thank him for his efforts to track down the owner of this "Hoes Mad" bracelet.

It's a bracelet that seems to be homemade and has a retail value of $0, but it's so much more. It's a key that unlocks a door to endless questions. Who are the "hoes?" Why are they so mad? Who is so in tune to the feelings of said "hoes," that they must transform their emotions into jewelry?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture of a necklace with two words on it is worth one million questions. Why would I take time out of my day to join Steven Berryman in his mission to track down the bracelets owner? I need to meet the owner, I need to get answers to all my questions.

Maybe he or she can introduce us to these "hoes" and we can work together to help them navigate their anger in a healthy way. If you or someone you know is the owner of the piece of pop art, hit me up -- we will work our hardest to get your bracelet back.

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