Mrs. Large and I took a Sunday drive yesterday and ended up in Thomaston because I wanted to see what was happening around town. There was so much construction going on the last time I drove through. Thomaston has changed so much since I started hanging around with one of my oldest friends, Eric Stevens, back in the mid-80's. Eric's family owns the Stevens Company on Thomaston Avenue and they also owned the land where the Cumberland Farms/Steven's Boulevard development stands now, across from the Modern Mazda dealership.

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As we were driving along 254/S. Main St, I noticed that right across the street from the Seth Thomas Industrial Park Clock Tower was a new, locally-owned pharmacy that is just about ready to open its doors for business.

Photo by Large "Mmmmm...Metformin" Dave

Thomaston Pharmacy is located at 130 S. Main St - Suite 1B. It's in the space that Lighthouse Medical Supply used to occupy. I love that the business owners, Nick and Steve, (Nicolas Roder-Hanna, and Steven Krasnowski) have chosen to put their names up on the "Coming Soon." According to their social media page, Wednesday, September 1 is the targeted opening date for their pharmacy, but it's still subject to change.

Photo by Large "Global Spice Rules" Dave

Thomaston Pharmacy will accept most insurances including Medicare, Husky, Aetna, CVS/Caremark, Humana, and Cigna, plus they will offer free local Prescription delivery.

Another thing that I liked is that they asked for input on their social media regarding the merchandise in the front of their store, stating that they would like to offer products from other local businesses in addition to their pharmacy/medical items.

Nice move, I would suggest keeping a chilled quarter keg from your neighbor ClockTown Brewing Company. Good luck Thomaston Pharmacy, I hope you take some business away from your big-box competitor in town.

You Can Still Find A Locally Owned Pharmacy Here In Connecticut

For every hundred Walgreens, Rite Aid, or CVS's, there are a few locally-owned pharmacies still around Connecticut