Black Friday bargains are supposed to wow us, right? We have come to expect deep, deep discounts on expensive items the day after Thanksgiving.

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Honestly, I'm disappointed in the variety of stores and the items that they choose to blow out during the Black Friday deals. I'd love to get a 75' Samsung tv for $1,500, or, the latest iPhone 12 for $999, but, unfortunately, I don't have an extra grand to blow.

I'm tired of 50% discounts on crap that I don't need. Haven't we seen enough discounted consumer electronics? What if we could see Black Friday discounts on out-of-the-ordinary items? At local places that we go to, like restaurants and gas station/convenience stores?

Can you imagine if Cumberland Farms, or Sunoco, offered a "buy a gallon of gas, get one free" offer? It started me thinking, you don't see restaurants offering the Black Friday deals, especially this year, during the pandemic, where every dining dollar counts. But, if they did, this is what I would like to see here in Connecticut:

Large Dave's Fantasy Black Friday Deals

Again, this is just a fantasy, I hope that you support all of our local restaurants on Black Friday. What are some of your local Black Friday suggestions?

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