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Climb aboard the way-back machine set for the late 1950s in Danbury and meet milkman and war veteran, Herb Lundy.

Danbury novelist, Mark T. Holmes' new book is called Herb Lundy and the Magic Milk Truckwhich is a work of fiction due out during the first week of December. The book combines fact, fiction and time travel into a genuine story of faith and redemption.

Herb, who drives a milk truck for Magic Dairy, comes across a spiritual being who supposedly can untangle the mysteries of eternity, but only if Herb can make a promise. 

This stranger sends Herb through a series of trips through time to identify the "Fruits of the Spirit," which are nine redeeming qualities as found in the Bible in the book of Galatians 5:22-23.

As the story unfolds, author Mark T. Holmes sprinkles in his personal commentary and observations about growing up in Danbury during the '50s and '60s. This feel-good book will spark fond childhood memories of fellow Danburians who also grew up during the same time period.

A social media post from Holmes further describes what the nostalgic novel set in the Hat City is all about:

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