You know how to draw a crowd to an event ? Two words: FOOD TRUCK. You know how to really draw a crowd at anytime, anywhere? FOOD TRUCKS. Well Morris, you've done it again, not only do you have some of the finest restaurants that Connecticut has to offer, you're also going to have an organized food truck location and event every weekend this summer. Bravo!

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Morris's South Farms put up a teaser post last week which features a classic view of the corner of the Rt. 63/109 intersection with the words "For those wondering what's happening at the rt.63/109 crossroads, get ready for something fun!!" They link it to a website - I clicked it, and I got happy immediately.

Here's what's happening - Litchfield County's first food park, dubbed Pasture at South Farms, is being built right now. If everything goes to schedule, it will open next month in June. So far, three food trucks have been announced. The food trucks will be there every week (weather permitting) from June to October 2023. The announced hours of operation will be Thursdays from 5PM-8PM, and Friday to Sunday from Noon - 6PM. The food trucks? Iron & Grain, which is a mobile bar & grill featuring wood-fired food choices. Ta-Que from Simsbury will also be there, and judging from the items on their website - Mexican street corn, tacos, and bowls, should be good. Finally the third food truck announced - Granby's Grassroots Ice Cream.

A BBQ truck, a taco truck, and an ice cream truck living together in perfect harmony, in Morris. Weekend dinnertime just got very interesting.

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