Lisa Lampanelli dominated the world of stand up comedy, retired, became a life coach, now dominates that world and now she brings her talents to come hang out with us. We had Lisa in for the whole show last Thursday morning and we got her to play along with our favorite feature, "Missed Headlines." Here's hilarious THAT was:

We are buddies now - I call her "Lamps" no biggie. Lisa didn't just come into the studio out of the kindness of her heart though, she was promoting her upcoming gigs here in CT. She has two unique experiences you can be a part of.

The first is on January 26 in Hamden, CT. Lisa will be doing her: "Love Your Body, Feed Your Soul: A Food & Body Image Workshop." 

Then, on April 11, she's back in CT at the Ridgefield Playhouse. This time, it's a completely different appearance. She's doing a a show called: "Fat Chance: An evening of Conversation & Story." 

We love this woman. I love her so much, I may dust off my dungarees and head out to the Playhouse show in April. I can pretend to be positive and stuff.

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