Okay, okay -- my dreams do not involve booze, but on a hot summer day out on the lake, knowing that there is a liquor store ready to refill my glass with some tasty White Claws (I’ll embrace the cliche), is pure euphoria.

We all know there is no bigger buzz kill for a backyard BBQ or rockin’ house party than going dry “we just kicked the keg, we’re out of beer”. But never fear -- there’s no longer a need to worry.

I’ve created a convenient list below to have your favorite cocktail ingredients delivered to your doorstep (provided you’re past college age and have a reasonable curfew for your imbibing, meaning you’re not trying to get delivery after CT State Laws prohibit the sale of liquor).

Here are your new best friends:

Classic Liquors in New Milford - this was the first local liquor store that came to my knowledge with delivery. They have seemingly taken a monopoly on the Candlewood Lake crew with brochures in various marinas.

Know you're getting a little social tomorrow? They do next day delivery. Order tonight, party tomorrow. If you really love to party, you're in luck. Deliveries are free after $100. They deliver to Brookfield, New Preston, Roxbury, Washington, Shermon, Bridgewater, and New Milford - I'm covered. Well played. I doth my cap to you, Classic Liquors.

Nick's Chilled & Distilled in Sandy Hook - these guys stumbled onto my list by accident. I spotted a bright neon sign with the words “we deliver” out front -- music to my eyes (wait, is that a thing? I think I messed that one up).

All deliveries are done over the phone; you need to purchase at least $30 worth of booze to have them deliver (that's easy). All deliveries outside of Newtown have delivery charges associated. Those within Newtown? FREE.99, BABY!

BevMax (they're everywhere) - Google is a wonderful thing. These guys have SEVERAL locations, awesome selection and have 100% stepped up with a tap delivery for the i95 team during an emergency at a past Hat City on Tap event. This is a secret worth sharing. They even have an app. Who has two thumbs and is now a BevMax app user? This girl.

This project actually gave me insight that other areas, not in CT, actually have significantly more options for booze on demand - check out this site.

Moral of the story - you’ve been drinking or know you will be, and you know you won't be willing to call it a night anytime soon? Don't drive, be safe - call one of your wine-slinging heroes at a liquor store that delivers.


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