This licensed wildlife rehabilitator will tell you when it comes to bats, you've got it all wrong.

They fondly call her the 'Bat Lady of Connecticut' because of her passion for bats and her mission to educate the public about our false impressions toward them.

I'm honored to call Gerri Griswold my longtime friend. Her full-time gig is Administration and Development Director at the White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield. Her part-time gig is rehabilitating bats in her home. Connecticut Magazine recently featured an article in the February 2020 issue on the 'Bat Lady.'

There has never been a more misunderstood, maligned, and persecuted animal on this planet and they're persecuted just out of ignorance.

I've personally spoken with both kids and adults who wouldn't think of getting up close and personal with a live bat until they attend one of Gerri's public talks with a couple of her favorite bats on her collar.


In the Connecticut Magazine article, Gerri explains that bats are "super-intelligent, charming and gentle." She gets so jazzed up when she talks about her furry friends especially when talking with children. She once told me that by the time she finishes one of her 'bat classes' with the kids, they've come full circle from being skeeved out to gathering around and waiting their turn to pet her bats.

I can tell you this, Gerri Griswold is one of the most engaging, fascinating, and intelligent individuals I've ever met. See for yourself by checking out the full article about the 'Bat Lady' by clicking on,

Gerri and I at my I-95 30th Anniversary Part at the RPH...
Gerri and I at my 30th Anniversary Part at the RPH...
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