I get about fifteen angry e-mails a week from the liberal side of our listeners because of Leslie Gold's appearances. When I read them initially, I laugh and I laugh. The one common thread they all have is that they all say they won't listen ever again. That is the funniest and most common lie people send to us. Little trade secret for you -- they all come back.

This morning we talked with Leslie about the back and forth between Donald Trump and John Lewis, Vladamir Putin on pee-pee gate, Chelsea Manning, the CIA, and the upcoming inauguration. Here is what Leslie had to say:

We love Leslie, and I have news for anyone who does not like her -- she is not going anywhere. You can and will hear her every Wednesday on the Ethan and Lou Show at 8:45am. Let's all agree to lighten up please? If you cannot listen to someone speak who has an opposing political opinion, then you are part of the problem.

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