According to ESPN, Lenny "Nails" Dykstra was arrested around 3:30 am Wednesday morning in Linden, NJ. He's alleged to have pulled a gun on an UBER driver and police say he was in possession of an array of drugs when they searched him.

Lenny, according to the report, was taking an UBER ride, he asked to change his destination, when the driver refused, this is when police say he held a gun to the driver's head and demanded he change destinations.

The driver says this is when he pulled into a parking lot near the Linden Police Station, honked his horn and fled the vehicle. Authorities say they found no gun on Lenny but at the time of the arrest he was in possession of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy.

Ole' "Nails" is in up to his "pouch" on this one. You can't be pulling guns on people getting their "side hustle" on. Also what's up with the schizophrenic menu of drugs? I mean drugs are bad for sure but ALL the drugs is really bad.

What order do you take those in? Is it coke to wake up, weed to cool off, ecstasy to get "randy?" That does not work, does it? Or do you take one type of drug on a particular day, based on mood? Best not think too deeply on this one.

What I do know is Lenny was a great and entertaining ball player, and his antics on and off the field were welcome entertainment, but now he has been in like a 10-year downward spiral. His lunacy was funny for a while, now it's getting sad. You can't pull guns on people, bro.

I remember when it was still funny, when Lenny joined us on the Ethan and Lou show last year. That interview included an admission that he had become a gigolo. Read and watch here

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