Connecticut knows the Stones, Bruce, U2, Billy Joel, and thousands of name-brand performers have performed at Toad's Place because we live here, but soon the world will know. A full-length documentary about the place 'Where Legends Play' has been announced, with a tentative release date in late 2024.

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The best book that I've read in recent years is The Legendary Toad's Place: Stories from New Haven's Famed Music Venue by Brian Phelps and Randall Beach. Phelps owns the place, and oh man, he spills the gory details about almost every legendary musician that has graced that stage, the book is filled out perfectly with personal photographs and recollections from Phelps and Beach. I had the pleasure of interviewing the authors when the book was released, and I so admired their courage for naming names and not pulling punches.

I was thrilled to see an official announcement last night on Toad's Place's social media account, which said that 'Toad's Place: The Documentary' is a go, it will be independently-produced by local filmmakers, and the release is expected to be late 2024.

The announcement from Toad's Place goes on to say that since this film is being independently produced, it is being funded via Kickstarter. If you feel so inclined to help support their effort, it may lead to an opportunity to choose some sort of reward if you donate, like a pre-release stream, or even your name in the credits. If you haven't, read the book, it will get you as excited as I am for this project.

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