Governor Ned Lamont recently pushed CT lawmakers on the legalization of recreational marijuana.

According to a story on, it was a public hearing on Lamont's bill to legalize recreational cannabis that the Governor rallied hard to get Connecticut lawmakers to pass the bill stating:

Prohibiting the possession and sale of cannabis has produced an illicit market and racial disparities in the dispensation of justice in our state.

The Governor downplayed the revenue aspect of legalizing recreational marijuana and emphasized that legalization is a way to fight back against the black market. Lamont went on to say,

We can no longer stick our heads in the sand. Cannabis currently, and will be increasingly available to residents of Connecticut. While I do not believe that cannabis is a riskless drug, I do believe our state is better off developing a well-regulated market for cannabis.

Connecticut lawmakers believe that the legislation will pass eventually but under Lamont's proposal, sales will not roll out until 2022.

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