Local marketplace, LaBonne's, continues to make business partnerships that catch my attention, weekly, it seems. When I need a jar of my beloved Grotto Restaurant red sauce, and they're not open, I go to LaBonne's, same goes for Arethusa or Big Dipper Ice Cream, head over to LaBonne's, they'll have it. This past weekend's announcement is on a more national level, and it should appeal to craft beer drinkers, at first. LaBonne's took to their social media to announce that they've forged a business relationship with Oregon-based recycling giant, PakTech, and will now have PakTech product recycling bins at all 4 of their local markets:

If you enjoy craft beer, you've probably seen the colorful PakTech carrying handles on 2-4-6 packs of your favorite brews over the past few years. Instead of the old-school 6 pack all-plastic carrier ringlets, PakTech's colorful carriers are 100% recyclable, and made from recycled milk jugs. Better than ending up in our home recycle bins, LaBonne's will now have specific PakTech bins in their markets in Watertown, Woodbury, Prospect, and Salisbury.

If you're a heavy craft beer drinker, you've probably got quite a few of PakTech's handles knocking around inside of your fridge. In 2018 alone, PakTech kept over 102 million plastic milk jugs out of landfills with their efforts, and they've made over 2 Billion handles since the company started in 1991. LaBonne's is the only market in Connecticut offering this recycling program, and they welcome your stacks of handles at any time. If you'd like more information on LaBonne's, click HERE

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