Oh man I love beef jerky. Dehydrated salted beef is my perfect snack, so savory. Even now, my stupid mouth is watering just thinking about it. So, as I scrolled through my Facebook feed, I stumbled upon great news for you that live in the 'quiet corner' of Connecticut. Labonne's Market is introducing store made beef jerky exclusively in their Salisbury location at 22 Academy Street.

Oh don't do me like that LaBonne's. I quickly reached out through the above Facebook post, and asked them if there were any plans on expanding their store-made beef jerky to the other LaBonne's locations in Woodbury, Watertown, or Prospect. They very quickly responded with 'As of right now, we're only producing the jerky in Salisbury. However, you could always place an order for some with our meat department, and we will gladly transfer it to the store you shop with'.

There are two announced flavors of LaBonne's store-made beef jerky: Spicy or Teriyaki. I've always preferred the milder side of my jerky, so I'll be placing an order for a half a pound of the Teriyaki in the next day or so.

While my head is still in beef jerky land, I'd be remiss in not saying a big hello to an established God of beef jerky, my buddy Westwood at West's Side Jerky. If you've never tried his incredible product, get over to his website and do yourself a favor. This young man from right here makes some of the finest local jerky that I've ever tasted. Good luck LaBonne's, I wish your jerky master in Salisbury much success.

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