Don't you wish you could have been a fly on the wall at this wedding?

It's kind of well known that the legend Keith Richards lives right here in our area -- in Weston, Connecticut to be exact. Over the years, there has been many a Keith Richards sighting called into our radio station. "Dude! I just saw Keith "F-----g" Richards on Rt. 7"  "I just saw Keith Richards at the Black Duck!", etc.

Well, according to, Richards rented out Lachat Town Farm in Weston over this past weekend, and threw a big wedding bash for his daughter Alexandra, as she married filmmaker Jacques Naude.

Lachat Town Farm is a 42-acre working farm on Godfrey Road West in Weston. The farm hosts a variety of events, from bands to typical cocktail and canvases events. I'm sure that there wasn't a watercolor canvas in sight at this wedding though.

Guests reportedly included fellow Rolling Stones Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood, but no Mick according to Page Six.

Loud music, toasts, and eating lamb were the other takeaways from the report also. One thing not noted? Keith's beverage of choice. Richards has reportedly been sober for over a year and a half.

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