Every time Jon Gruden speaks, his players listen and so does the rest of the world because his post game speeches are electrifying. The Raiders beat the Bears in London yesterday and Gruden delivered a speech better than any you will see in an action film. I've watched it twelve times today and it has me ready to run through a wall.

Just to recap Gruden danced like a gorilla sans disco, told his players they "can beat anyone, anywhere in any F------ time zone" and then he gives them the week off. This is high level motivation.

If Gruden ever decides to hang it up again and stop coaching football he should tour Planet Earth giving motivational speeches. I'd follow this guy into battle any day of the week. I wish there was a battle to be had right now because I am hyped like you read about. I need to head butt someone or something after seeing that.

The future is looking bright for my Raiders, things are looking up in Oakland, Vegas or any other time zone.


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