Championship Sunday in the NFL is one of my favorite days of the year. The excitement of watching the NFC and AFC Championship games is sometimes more than I can take. It really does not matter who is playing either. Yesterday, the games were disappointing. While the Pats v. Jags game was good it still ended predictably and the late game was terrible.

The highlight of the whole day came right before the Patriots game in a taped self promotion piece from CBS. John Malkovitch starred in the most brilliant example of self promotion I have ever seen. They ran an ad where Malkovitch plays Malkovitch. He is openly questioning the script of the CBS tease video. The questioning of the networks choices become the ad in a great, fake behind the scenes promo video. This was it.

I got chills when I watched it and I think after it was over I screamed "LET'S DO THIS!" When I got to work this morning I watched it three times, yelling "LET'S DO THIS" each time. It's the single smartest marketing move I have ever seen. No game lives up to that ad. It was all down hill after that.

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