You know Joey Cassata from ZO2, Z-Rock, The Great Comet of 1812 and Wrestling With Joeylicious. I haven't seen Joey in years and we got a chance to catch up this morning. He was in to promote his autobiography, Start with a Dream: A Drummer's Journey from Rock & Roll to TV to Broadway. This is, of course, available on Amazon. In the process, Joey told us a bunch of hilarious stories. Let's start with the one about how he and his band mates in ZO2 played Wiffle Ball against KISS:

So how did Ethan and I hook up with the ZO2 boys years back?

What about Joey's band mate (ZO2) and dear friend Paulie Z? Are there stories about him in the book? Yes, a ton according to Joe, and this one is amazing. Here, we hear how Paulie Z was responsible for making ZO2 look terrible in a restaurant while embarrassing wrestler and rock star, Chris Jericho:

It was great having Joey Cassata in the studio this morning and we wish him all the best with his book. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of him.

Lou's phone

Big I-95 Fan

Lou's phone

Joey graciously making the rounds for photos throughout the station.

Until we started talking off air this morning I forgot how much we did together back in the early days of the Ethan and Lou show. They were the headliner for a Halloween party/concert we did in Danbury years ago, we had them on all the time, I followed them all over the northeast to see their concerts. I hung around enough that they hired me to host their red carpet event called "Rock Asylum." Here's how THAT went:

I could not watch the whole thing — just cringe worthy.

How tall are you? Great question, a-hole.

ZO2 - "Aint it Beautiful"

Z Rock

"Wrestling with Joeylicious"