Connecticut seems to be the proving ground for sandwich chains. We gave birth to Subway, and dozens of national competitors have come and gone in the decades since. Watch out stomachs, here comes another contender - there are now two Jimmy John's locations in our state, hide your $5 footlongs.

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First off, I love Brad Garrett, and his Jimmy John's commercials roped me in when they started airing all over Connecticut tv stations last year. Here's one of my favorites -

I'd watch that man read a telephone book. Anyway, after seeing 3,000 Jimmy John's commercials last year, I did a search, and there was only 1 location in Connecticut - 295 Westport Ave in Norwalk. I pride myself on going the extra mile in order to try a new food product, so I went there last Fall. The verdict? Jimmy John's makes a damn good sandwich, and the difference that I noticed is in their bread. It's different from Subway and Jersey Mike's, a bit heartier, and the cold cuts that they used seemed very fresh, like they hadn't been sliced at 4PM the previous afternoon.

Mrs. Large had to work in Orange last week, and she clued me in that there are now two Jimmy John's located along Rt. 1 in Connecticut. The original location in Norwalk, and their second is at 550 Boston Post Road in Orange. It's located right near the other hottest food chain in Connecticut at the moment - Haven Hot Chicken.

I just hope we get to see more Brad Garrett commercials.

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