You have Judge, Stanton, Hicks, Gardner and don't forget Clint Frazier in the minors. There's a log jam in the Yankee outfield, and Jacoby Ellsbury only makes things that much worse.

The lineup the Yankees would like to have for the season puts Gardner in left, Hicks in CF, Judge in RF, Stanton is your DH, and Clint Frazier comes up from the minors should someone go down to injury. That's what they will likely do for opening day, and it's what the lineup will probably look like most days when they roll out the best they have.

This leaves Jacoby Ellsbury standing around, collecting monster checks from the Yankees, and taking up a roster spot. That spot could be used in a lot of different ways. The Yanks need the extra roster spots for the infield. Greg Bird gets injured a lot, and while Gleybor Torres is a very promising young prospect, there will likely be growing pains.

Ellsbury needs to go home.

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