According to the Daily Mailthousands of passengers were stranded at JFK International Airport during and after the "Bomb Cyclone."

People slept on the floor, two planes struck each other on the tarmac, the airport ran out of outlets so people could not charge their phones, and one woman described it as "chaos."


If flying was not stressful enough, people need to encounter "chaos." The fact is that the airports, especially in NY and NJ, never seem prepared for anything. They do not seem to have a plan for weather events that cause delays and cancellations. That is weird, because bad weather is nothing new. They never seem to be prepared for the volume of travelers during the holidays. That is also weird, because the holidays are not new.

This is how we move around the country and the system is jacked up. No one seems to have an answer for improving the airport experience, which is funny, because I have several suggestions:

  • Make the very important T.S.A. personnel actually important. Meaning, train them right, pay them right, and hold them accountable. These people mean so much in terms of our safety and our overall experience as customers, and yet they are terrible. We are constantly reading about how they miss things like, ya know, weapons, and anyone who's ever been on a plane can tell you they are incredibly rude.
  • Have a plan for cancellations, delays, and increased volume. Now I'm not sure what that should be, but any plan is better than none. As far as I can tell, they have "NONE PLAN."
  • Train the people at the gate to be able to answer questions. These people are quick to rudely remind you how long they have worked there, and yet don't have the answers someone of their many years should.

So, JFK, Laguardia, Newark, etc., let's start small and accomplish these three things and maybe improve. DO BETTER, BE BETTER.

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