It's the time of year when a young skunk's thoughts turn to love, and that means you're going to have to be alert of increase skunk activity.

According to a local town's Animal Control Unit, you should be a little extra careful around your house or yard over the next few weeks.

The official skunk mating season runs from late February through early March here in Connecticut, and that means skunks are going to be way more active, especially at night, however it's not even that unusual to see a healthy skunk or two out during the day during this time of the year.

In a recent social media post, animal control experts are also warning pet owners to be extra careful when letting their pets out in the yard and when out walking with them too. You don't want to have a dog/skunk confrontation, it usually end up pretty smelly for your pet. Furthermore, the post encouraged local residents to "Remember skunks are considered a rabies vector species, which makes trapping and relocating them illegal in CT."

In case your dog or cat has a run in with a skunk and gets sprayed, here are some treatments that should help the smell:

  • Keep your pet outside when treating him/her for a skunk attack, this way the smell won't get too over bearing inside your house.
  • Check your dogs or cats eyes, and if they are irritated or red, rinse them with cool water.
  • Wash your pet as soon as they have been sprayed with a solution mixed with 1 quart of 3-percent hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1 teaspoon liquid dish washing soap. If you don't have those ingredients handy, you can always use vinegar diluted with water. Remember to always wear gloves, and make sure you keep the mixture out of your pets eyes.
  • Finally wash your dog or cat with regular pet shampoo, and dry.

Animal Control officials also are telling residents that if you need a skunk removed from your property, contact animal control in your town or check out the Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection's website, do not attempt to remove or get rid of the skunk yourself.

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