As is often the case, the Danbury Fire Department saved the day, but this time, it wasn't at the scene of an accident or a residential structure fire. It happened when they took an injured hawk to safety.

According to a social media post from the DFD, a local man picked up an injured and very aggravated red-tailed hawk who was in the street, wrapped the bird up in his suit jacket and, in attempt to help out his new feathered friend, took it to the Danbury Fire Department Headquarters on New St at about 7:30 PM on Tuesday (August 20).

Once there, firefighters from the "A" Platoon made a "makeshift carrier" for the hawk out of a box they had found and then Firefighter James Croswell helped the unidentified man unwrap the very large hawk from the man's jacket and placed him into the box.

A call was then made to Christine's Critters rehabilitation center in Weston who thankfully said that they did indeed have room for the injured bird.

At about that same time on Tuesday Connecticut EnCon was busy handling a serious boat accident, so the DFD reached out to Sergeant Krupinsky of the Danbury Police Department, who then made arrangements for Animal Control Officer Craig Simone to transport the red-tailed hawk to the center in Weston.

Yet another job well-done by Danbury's Bravest.

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