Today is Veteran's Day. This is a day that often goes overlooked and deserves way more attention from each and every one of us. Thank a veteran.

I'm not good at saying "thank you." I never have been, I have a hard time admitting someone did something for me that I could not or did not do for myself. I, however have no problem thanking veterans.

The sacrifices our veterans and their families make are tremendous. They did for us what we did not, could not or were not willing to do. I think I, like many American men feel a sense of shame knowing that I did not serve my country. I am more than willing to admit that.

We prop up all the wrong people. We idolize sports stars and movie stars, many of whom end up disappointing us with their behavior. I think, the very least we can do for our veterans is to say thank you at least once a year.

They are the cool ones, the true tough guys and girls. Our veterans are heroes, not actors in capes and masks. They are real living heroes. They deserve our respect and our recognition.  Thank you to those of you who I know personally who have served.

Thank you to all who have served. It's my honor to know you. I want to send a special thank you to Matt Cable, my buddy. Thank you for your service and friendship. Thank you Uncle John, Go Navy! Thank you Grandpa Milano, I miss you everyday.

Peter Milano Jr
Peter Milano Jr

Peter H. Milano, June 1950 U.S. Army photo. The following year he was a front line fighter in the Korean Conflict.

Veterans Walkway of Honor

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