Shelton is a small city in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

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According to the 2020 Census, Shelton is home to roughly 40,000 people, that's forty thousand that have been accounted for. Some believe that Shelton is also home to a small, mysterious group known as the "Melon Heads" that live on a haunted stretch of Saw Mill City Road along the Means Brook Reservoir.

Who or what the Melon Heads are is a matter of debate. Those that believe in them, share varying versions of the same story. Some people believe the Melon Heads are mutants, other say they are escaped mental patients and another group will tell you they are inbred.

I gathered a butt load of information on Saw Mill City Road and the Melon Heads so you can decide for yourself.

Only In Your State writes:

"Some say they see the Melon Heads hunched over at the reservoir, drinking. Kids playing in the woods hear them breathing behind them, or worse: they make direct eye contact with their deformed and spooky faces. Some say the Melon Heads place dead deer in the road to try and cause accidents, or may spook you by waiting just around a road's curve.

According to urban legends spreading across America, they are a growing population of inbred monsters living in the depths of the woods. Some say they may even be cannibals. Legend says they may be especially malignant in Connecticut due to reproducing with escaped asylum patients seeking cover in the woods during the 1970s."

Google Instant Street View
Google Instant Street View

Damned CT says:

"Apparently, this legend isn’t limited to Milford — recently, I was telling a work friend about them, and she didn’t believe me, so she Googled it and discovered (through the glory of Wikipedia) that in addition to being legends in other states (Ohio and Michigan), the Melonheads were also indigenious to Monroe, Seymour, Weston, Oxford, Southbury, Trumbull and my current hometown of Shelton!"

Google Instant Street View
Google Instant Street View

The New England Historical Society had this to say of the Melon Heads:

"They look like small humanoids with over-sized heads, and they rarely come out from hiding. They survive by eating small animals, stray cats and human flesh, usually the flesh of teenagers." 


"One theory claims they came from a family accused of witchcraft and banished into the wilderness, where they survived and inbred. Through centuries of inbreeding they mutated into melon heads." 

Google Instant Street Viewe
Google Instant Street Viewe

In 2019, WFSB ran a feature on Saw Mill City Road and said:

"As the legend goes, there is a group of people hiding in the woods, possibly a group of monsters." 

The Melon Heads Story has even become big business. An organization called Legends of Fear conducts tours of the Melon Head stomping grounds. Tickets for the 2023 season go on sale in July and Legends of Fear says:

"The Legends you have heard are true! Demented, cannibalistic beings have inhabited the woods of Fearview for generations are now they are out for blood! Enter their forest at your own risk! These grounds have remained undisturbed by outsiders for centuries… until now!" 

In 2022, WTNH said:

"Saw Mill City Road, which stretches across 1.5 miles in Shelton, is narrow and creepy. There are no lights on the road, with trees hanging overhead like a canopy, making it hard to see at night. The scariest part of the road runs parallel to the Means Brook Reservoir.

Witnesses have described dark figures darting across the road and some even say the Melon Heads lurk in the area, causing accidents. Orbs have also been spotted on the road, as well as screams in different directions. It’s even home to a reported haunted house." 

Inbred mutants with giant heads and a thirst for blood, sounds like Florida. 

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Photo Credit: Aurora Photography

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