U.F.O. or Unidentified Flying Object, they are seemingly everywhere and easy to dismiss when they are not in your neighborhood but this one is, in our neighborhood.

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Whenever someone says they saw one, they get extremely dismissive reactions from most people. Skeptics immediately think you are saying you saw tiny green men fly a galactic Honda over your house. That would be cool, and I look forward to it, but there are wide ranging varieties and types of sightings.

This one happened in New Fairfield back in August when a video was posted to Youtube by a New Fairfield resident on (8/29/21). The video was titled: "UFO over New Fairfield Connecticut - 7 orange lights spotted over Ball Pond & Putnam Lake. NY/CT."

The footage was posted by Endo Enki and their description reads:

"On August 28, 2021 I got this crappy quality video on my iPhone 8’s of 7 bright orange lights/crafts flying in a straight formation over my house in New Fairfield CT. The first was a bit ahead of the rest and took off upward towards space/upper atmosphere.

The following 2 did the same thing and then 3 took off away from me on a Z axis almost, and very quickly. Last ones also flew away but at less of a straight angle, and faded off into clouds.

With the gaps there is a period of dark and then towards the end another good view of the lights. These made no noise, and almost looked like the burners of a fighter jet with how bright they were, but made no noise , and left no visible trails.

I apologize for the crap video but I was just smoking outside and saw them, had to use closest thing to me which was my cell phone.

My view is blocked by trees but considering the angle they were at I was able to use them as a reference to tell the crafts are definitely pretty high, and rather large, about the size of commercial airliner or maybe a little smaller."

They added even more to the description, providing an additional note and time stamps for what they saw.

"NOTE : NOT Starlink , they haven’t been launching since June according to recent space.com article and stated they would start launching again in a few weeks (as of 4 days ago) (https://www.space.com/spacex-starlink...) Thank you and please comment what you think.

Watch in Widescreen (mobiles) for better view, apologies for the movement as I keep panning towards the south where the orange lights were coming from.

0:00 - 0:09 - Second orange light, first is already out of view having shot upwards towards space/upper atmosphere in basically the same path as this one

0:09 -0:17 panning back towards treeline that lights were coming out of in southern sky. The first & second lights were further ahead than the next 5 which were much closer together.

0:18 - 0:20 - Quick flashes between trees of the 3rd and 4th orange light 0:20 top right flash is the 3rd light accelerating out of behind the treeline before panning left to catch the next 2.

0:21 top right is 4th light coming into view from out of tree line, left light is the 5th light coming in and out view of the last trees in treeline.

0:23 top right flash again of the 5th as it begins to shoot away from me going west.

0:23 - 0:29 adjusting to catch the 3rd light which was shooting up and away. Similar to first 2 but not as vertical on the Z axis.

0:30 - 0:37 following the 3rd light and then at 0.35/0.36 the 4th zoomed by at a bit more of an outward west angle but still upwards, i tried to adjust and only caught a second of it.

0:38 - 0:40 catch the 5th light for a second following same westward path as the 4th as i’m panning back towards the 4th light

0:40 - 0:50 - following 4th light as it flys upwards and away from me going in and out of cloud cover , also iphone adjusting to dim lighting I believe.

0:53 flash is the 4th light - it got bright like a flash and vanished

0:54 - 1:05 - readjust and catch up to 5th light as it flys similar to the 4th light but a little less vertical angle

1:05 - 1:47 - waiting for the last two. I could see them personally flash in the distance through trees but had the camera pointed toward the end of the treeline so I didn’t end up losing them as they came across.

1:47 - 2:02 Contemplating life and getting my phone ready to catch the 6th light at the end of the tree line. There’s a couple gaps where the light shines through and then it comes out into open sky for a while.

2:03 - 2:52 panning between the last two lights as they shine through the gaps at the end of the treeline.

2:53 - 3:12 following the 6th light as it flys away from me similar to 5th had. Out of the view the 7th had just continued going NNW and vanished behind clouds.

3:13 - 3:16 - 6th light flashes

(3:14/3:15) similar to the 4th and shot off extremely quick.

3:17 - End - tried seeing if 7th would pop up but didn’t and then just closed out video." 

I think it's pretty interesting, the behavior of the lights in the sky over New Fairfield and Putnam Lake can't be categorized as any commercial or private aircraft that any of us are familiar with, so what is it?

I'm just hoping that local officials attempt to explain what we are looking at, those answers are always insulting, and worth a laugh.

If you have seen something in the sky in Danbury, Brookfield, Bethel, Ridgefield, Newtown, New Milford, New Fairfield, Brewster, Putnam Lake, Patterson, Carmel, Mahopac, Somers or North Salem and have photos or videos please waste no time sending them to me through the I-95 Rock Mobile App and share your story.

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