The reality of pot shops in Connecticut may be drawing closer.

I was recently perusing an article in the News Times written by Dan Haar, who is a columnist and associate editor who writes about politics, business, public policy and how they affect the people of Connecticut.

Mr. Haar seems to think that we're approaching the legalization of recreational marijuana in Connecticut and backs up that claim with specific reasons.

Reason #1 -  New cannabis dispensaries were announced this past Tuesday in the towns and cities of Stamford, Westport, Meriden, and New Haven which will bring the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut up to 18.

Reason #2 - Connecticut continues to add more medical conditions that can be helped by medical marijuana.

Reason #3 - Massachusetts now has two open pot shops and one that is set to open in Great Barrington which is roughly a 1 hour, 45-minute drive from Danbury.

Massachusetts' other two pot shops are located in Northampton and Leicester. Would you care to take a pot shop tour?

With the recent addition of nine new medical dispensaries in Connecticut, they are now designed to serve up to 30,448 patients. I have something to tell the naysayers who can't seem to buy into the medical benefits of cannabis. You're wrong.

My son, Ethan has a medical marijuana card because of his sometimes crippling anxiety, and medical marijuana is the ONLY medication that seems to alleviate most of the symptoms.

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