I can't stand getting dressed for any event of any kind. The clothes part is tolerable but figuring out the shoes is becoming too much whether it's for any night out, day in the office, etc. So I'm calling it, the death of shoes....TIME OF DEATH 11:35am, 12/17/18.

I will never again where shoes. They are expensive, uncomfortable and often not set up for inclement weather. The next time I am in a wedding...boom, sneakers, next time I go to a ball of any kind, sneakers, funeral, sneakers.

You be judgmental, I'll be comfortable and ready to wind sprint at moments notice. One day my kids will be telling people how their dad where sneakers in the pool just like Frank Costanza.

I'll need to find a way to get my sneakers detailed without visiting mom & pop though.

If it's good enough for Jerry Seinfeld and Run DMC it's good enough for me.


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