There is this dude at my office named Bob who has some good smelling cologne. We were out golfing one day and I don't know what came over me but I said "bro you smell good. What cologne do you wear?" He said thanks and told me the name of the cologne. I don't remember the answer because I remember just sitting there inside my own head hating myself for saying such a weird thing.

The awkwardness faded and we moved on with our day. Then like an idiot, I said it again the other day and jokingly told him to buy me a bottle of whatever he wears. Well this guy likes to do favors and this morning he told me that he bought me a bottle.

Let's step back and look at the position I am now in. I work with a guy who I have now told on two occasions he smells good. This man purchased a fragrance for me and will deliver it. Now we are two guys, one who complimented the other's scent, the other who bought a fragrance for a dude and we are going to smell the same at work?

I think this is a perfect example of thinking before you speak. This is regrettable all the way around. All that said, this stuff smells good and it's free so I will be smelling in tandem with my new office lover. Thanks Bob.

Speaking of cologne, remember when Ethan & I smelled like Fuzzy Balls and Grass?

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