Last year I made the stupid decision to drive from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Waterbury straight through. It was 1,500 miles and it took me around 23 hours. I almost fell asleep a couple of times during the trip in the overnight hours while I was passing through Ohio and towards the end when I was on 84 in Newtown and Southbury. Why didn't I stop? I thought I would be in some sort of trouble if I pulled over and caught a few winks in a parking lot on River Road or Rt.34.

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I was thinking about how dumb a decision that was, and how stupid my reasoning for not stopping.

Is it legal to sleep in your car overnight here in Connecticut?

I found out the answer for both of us.


There is no outright state or federal law that prohibits you from sleeping in your car, it all depends on where your car is. Connecticut's highway rest areas are designed for exactly that, catching a few zzz's before you head along to your next destination. The length and time of day of your nap may be an issue. If you're parked anywhere for too long in a rest area or service area, a Connecticut State Trooper may check on your well-being at some point.

On a local level, each municipality has their own rules and regulations. Safe to say that if you do decide to catch a nap on private or commercial property or parking lots, a local officer will conduct that welfare check. Colorado and Oregon have pioneered citizen-led safe parking initiatives, where business owners and private homeowners provide safe parking areas for those who are experiencing mobile homelessness. Hasa program like that been established here in Connecticut?

We talked about this on the I-95 Morning Show on 11/10/22, Listen Below

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