The Wilton student who left a note on a sixth-graders locker at Middlebrook School saying, 'Jews will burn' has been identified.

This is the third time in three weeks that hate speech has turned up in the same school according to The Hour. The two previous incidents turned out to be drawings of Nazi swastikas in one of the bathrooms. Wilton School Superintendent, Kevin Smith told The Hour that when he spoke to the entire Middlebrook School student body "They were informed of the consequences of such actions and called again to serve as stewards of inclusivity, kindness, and community."

My question for anyone reading this blog is, even though the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that hate speech, no matter how bigoted or offensive, is still considered free speech. Could someone answer this question for me? Why does a segment of the population feel the need to denounce, attack, spew hatred, or even kill people just because it's not what they believe? Why can't we respect other people's cultures, religions, skin color, or ethnicities?

Garry and Ethan at Sacandaga Lake
Garry and Ethan at Sacandaga Lake

When I first converted to Judaism about 15 years ago, a close Christian friend of mine began emailing me countless articles about how Christianity was the only path towards eternal life. It eventually got to the point where I had to let him know that if he didn't cease his personal missionary work, our friendship was going to be in trouble. I told him that I certainly respected his beliefs and I needed him to respect mine. He ended up agreeing with me and apologized. To this day we are still very close friends.   



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